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Getting The Most Out Of Your Chase Southwest Card

While a lot of people are naturally suspicious of credit cards, there are certain credit card rewards programs that take the sting out of using credit cards. Just like any other financial tool, credit cards can either be used for good things or can be used in such a way as to get you into a debt hole you can’t get out of. Using credit cards with rewards programs are definitely in the former category. Using these cards, you get the convenience of cashless purchases while reaping promotional rewards after you rack up enough points, purchases, or meet certain deadlines. Regardless of the program specifics, credit card rewards programs give you an incentive to use your card and rewards responsible credit card usage.

When it comes to convenience and value, one particularly valuable credit card reward program is the Chase Southwest credit card rewards program. Part of the Chase rewards family of credit card incentive programs, Chase southwest gives you free round trip tickets courtesy of one of the most respected names in domestic airline carriers, Southwest Airlines, if you rack up enough points with your Chase credit card. The great thing about this program is that you are being rewarded with free airline tickets to Southwest Airline destinations just by doing the shopping you’ll already be doing in the first place. In other words, it doesn’t cost you anything. You will already be doing shopping anyway so why not get rewarded with free airline tickets?


The Secret To Getting The Most Out of Chase Rewards Programs

Chase Southwest Card
Chase Southwest Card

Just like with other incentivized credit card rewards programs, the secret to getting the most out of the program is to make strategic buys and pay your balances off regularly. This might seem like common sense but you’d be surprised at how uncommon common sense is for many consumers-especially when it comes to buying decisions. The truth is that most of us are creatures of impulse and we instinctively whip out a credit card, any card, whenever the urge to buy hits. By applying a few filters to your next purchasing decisions, you will increase your chances of coming out ahead with your next purchases. In fact, using the right credit card reward programs, you can reduce your costs throughout the year. All it takes is a little more planning, lots of thinking, and a strategic approach to shopping.


Strategic shopping

Chase rewards programs, along with other credit card companies’ rewards and promotional programs, only pay off in an optimal way if you shop strategically. You can’t just shop in a very random and chaotic manner and expect to come out ahead. If you really want to tap the full potential of such credit card rewards programs, you have to be very conscious of how you shop and establish certain patterns. First of all, you need to be clear about your objectives. Your objective is to rack up as many points in as short a time as allowed by Chase Southwest’ promotional program. Per the terms of this specific Chase rewards program, the more southwest airline tickets you buy with your Chase card, the faster you rack up points. After all, you get 2 points for every Southwest Airlines ticket purchase you make. Additionally, using this card to book rental cars or hotel accommodations yields 2 points as well. You have to be very strategic in how you travel. Schedule it in such a way that you rack up tons of points, meet your business objectives, as well as gain business deductions. If done right, you basically get compensated for doing something that you need to do anyway.


Paying your balance off regularly

While the Chase Southwest Card is a great tool, it is still a tool. And just like any other tool, whether financial or not, it can be used in a good way or a bad way. It is very easy to get stuck in a debt hole because you kept whipping out your card in a mad dash to rack up points quickly. Racking up points is not the problem. The problem is when you whip out your credit card without thinking that you will have to manage your debt. As a result, your balance balloons and you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you can’t dig your way out of debt. The key to fixing this all too common problem is to set a fixed balance budget for yourself. This budget is the amount of debt you can comfortably pay off at the end of every given month. You have to be realistic about this budget. You need to check it twice to make sure you have all your costs taken care of before you set a budget. Make sure you don’t have any leftover or hidden costs. Once you have all your costs figured out, leave yourself a 25% to 33% margin. Set aside the rest for your budget.



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Southwest Airlines Credit Card Features

Southwest Airlines Credit Card is a credit card that is exclusive to people who love to travel with Southwest Airlines. The latest credit card from the company is appropriately called the Rapid Rewards credit card since there is so much to get when you use the card. Here are some of the most outstanding cardmember benefits you should expect with a Southwest Airlines Credit Card:

The best international travel card

Get points when you travel; you may use these points to purchase fights to 800 international destinations. You may also use these points in affiliate hotels and business establishments. To check your points, you may visit at member Rapid Rewards account. You may also use your account to book your next flight to over 50 international carriers. Imagine picking your seats and all the flight features that you need in just one site!

Southwest Airlines Credit Card
Southwest Airlines Credit Card

Redeem points for the following

Your points are your key to getting the best out of your vacation or business trip. You can redeem points for hotel accommodations, car rental, to buy gift cards in different denominations, to enjoy cruises to fantastic getaways and in any shops that accept Southwest Airlines Credit Card VISA card. You may check out Southwest Airlines website to get more information about redeeming credit card points since offers may vary according to season.

Celebrate in style

With your Southwest Airlines card, you get to enjoy your cardmember anniversary through the Rapid Rewards Plus Cardmembers (members get 3,000 points for free) and the Rapid Rewards Premier Cardmembers (premier members get 6,000 for free). You may use these points for different purchases as you travel and for a free getaway trip.

Enjoy A-List and A-List Preferred status

With every $10,000 that you spend using your Southwest Airlines premier credit card, you earn 1,500 tier qualifying bonus which may be used to increase your status. Cardholders may earn up to 15,000 Tier Qualifying Points each year. And what does this do for you? You get priority check in and boarding; this means you can ditch the long wait and hassles of checking in. You can get to your hotel faster or enjoy your vacation faster without the worries of staying long and waiting to be checked in.

Get high quality customer service

Southwest Airlines has one of the most efficient customer service anywhere. You can call by phone anywhere around the world collect or you may use your mobile devices to manage your account information. There is so much you can do with Southwest Airlines Credit Card and their customer service will help you enjoy your card anywhere you want to go.

Take advantage of a Southwest Airlines card today. You may avail of Southwest Airlines new member offer of free 50,000 points for 2 round trip flights (terms and conditions of this offer applies). Apply for a credit card today and get to live the lifestyle that you can only dream of with your Southwest Airlines VISA credit card.



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What Makes the Best Rewards Credit Card?

What makes a credit card the best rewards credit card? There are so many types of credit cards to choose from but which one is the best rewards card to use? Here are some of the features that you may need to look for in a credit card:

The rewards that fit your lifestyle

Pick a credit card that will reward you with miles if you frequently travel or go on vacation. Pick a credit card that rewards you with points every time you shop or dine out. Pick a credit card that rewards you with points when you use your card to pay bills or when you shop online. There is a perfect rewards credit card waiting for you if only you only keep your eyes open online.

Best Rewards Credit Card
Rewards Credit Card

The larger the points the better

Of course any credit card user wants higher points or rewards that come with his use. You may look for the best cards that give great points when you do your homework online. You may also look for credit card comparison sites where credit card companies are pitted together for the best card offers.

Rewards credit card that partners with brands you trust

You need a rewards credit card that partner with the companies that you trust. For example, you need a credit card that rewards you with points each time you fly. This card must be an affiliate of the brands that you use and trust like a car rental company, hotels, restaurants, shops and malls. The more a card offers the brands you love, the more you will likely be using the card for shopping, dining, travelling and hotel accommodations.

A rewards credit card that offers efficient customer service

Any consumer will surely be looking for credit card with the best customer service. This is so because you may need to ask questions about your account, inquiries about discount offers, questions about points and about affiliate companies or shops. You can easily find out about the credit card customer service when you visit the card’s website.

A credit card that offers the best rewards is Southwest Airlines credit cards. This company provides huge rewards offers for members who love to fly Southwest. Every time you use your card, you get rewards through a points system. You get points when you fly, shop, dine and rent a car using this credit card.

Southwest Airlines credit cards is your gateway to the best rewards when it comes to gift cards, hotel accommodations, car rental services, exciting resort cruises and even spa treatments. Southwest Airlines offer the most exclusive offers for new members called the Rapid Rewards program that rewards you with unbelievable points and exclusive privileges. You may also use the site to check for your points, book your flights and to check on your balance. Visit Southwest Airlines for more information about their rewards program and to apply for your rewards credit card today. You may also call or contact Southwest for more details.



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Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

How to Get Your Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card can help you have a free flight by just collecting reward points. If you are planning for a vacation, then you need to make sure that you have enough money so that you can spend your vacation in a place that you truly love. The Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card is the answer to your problem. You can now have the chance to enjoy your vacation because the credit card will help you travel with ease. You know that it is very costly to pay for the plane tickets especially during the peak season. The Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card can give you a lot of rewards and discounts that you need for your fast and safe traveling. If you want to get a free flight, all you need to do is to reach the right bonus points or bonus miles in your credit card.

southwest rapid rewards credit card bonus
Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

If you are a Southwest Airlines passenger, you must accumulate 16 Rapid Reward points in order for you to cash the points and have a free flight. Everyone knows that by flying on the Southwest Airlines, you can have Rapid Reward points. You also need to be a member of the Rapid Rewards Program if you want to earn your points. You need to sign up and there is no need to worry because it is free online. Once you get a ticket, a reward will automatically be awarded to your rewards credit cards for every eligible flight. Having the reward points can help you increase your points so that you can have more chances of having a free flight.


If you are always traveling, then it is important that you have the Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card so that you can collect your points and use it when you need it. There are also other ways on how you can earn points through chase rapid rewards. You also need to sign up for this card and you need to pay for the annual fee. In return, you will get 1 point for every $1,200. If you spend 19,200, you will get a free flight anywhere, where the Southwest Airlines flies to. If you will get a card for you, then you can also get your wife a card so that you both can enjoy the free flights together.


By renting a car for best miles credit card, you can also get a free flight on the Southwest Airlines. There are some car agencies that also give points for the travel rewards credit cards. Another way to get power up points for your rewards is through the hotel accommodations. Most of the times, when you travel you always go for hotel accommodations. You can also get your points for your Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card through paying for your hotels. Just make sure that the hotel is a partner of the Southwest Airlines. If you want a free flight, then you need to sign up and be a member of the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card now.



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