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Introduction To Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code

I love writing about the things that I engage in from time to time. I put this blog together to share my thoughts on different coupon codes and how to get them with ease. If you fly southwest, then you may have heard of Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code.

Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code Help You Save a Lot Money

If you want to save some money from you flying cost, then you must consider enrolling for this unique program that can help you save a lot money. I will be sharing my experience and some Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code on this site. Watch the space. Have a nice day and do stay in touch.


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Southwest Airlines Credit Card Features

Southwest Airlines Credit Card is a credit card that is exclusive to people who love to travel with Southwest Airlines. The latest credit card from the company is appropriately called the Rapid Rewards credit card since there is so much to get when you use the card. Here are some of the most outstanding cardmember benefits you should expect with a Southwest Airlines Credit Card:

The best international travel card

Get points when you travel; you may use these points to purchase fights to 800 international destinations. You may also use these points in affiliate hotels and business establishments. To check your points, you may visit at member Rapid Rewards account. You may also use your account to book your next flight to over 50 international carriers. Imagine picking your seats and all the flight features that you need in just one site!

Southwest Airlines Credit Card
Southwest Airlines Credit Card

Redeem points for the following

Your points are your key to getting the best out of your vacation or business trip. You can redeem points for hotel accommodations, car rental, to buy gift cards in different denominations, to enjoy cruises to fantastic getaways and in any shops that accept Southwest Airlines Credit Card VISA card. You may check out Southwest Airlines website to get more information about redeeming credit card points since offers may vary according to season.

Celebrate in style

With your Southwest Airlines card, you get to enjoy your cardmember anniversary through the Rapid Rewards Plus Cardmembers (members get 3,000 points for free) and the Rapid Rewards Premier Cardmembers (premier members get 6,000 for free). You may use these points for different purchases as you travel and for a free getaway trip.

Enjoy A-List and A-List Preferred status

With every $10,000 that you spend using your Southwest Airlines premier credit card, you earn 1,500 tier qualifying bonus which may be used to increase your status. Cardholders may earn up to 15,000 Tier Qualifying Points each year. And what does this do for you? You get priority check in and boarding; this means you can ditch the long wait and hassles of checking in. You can get to your hotel faster or enjoy your vacation faster without the worries of staying long and waiting to be checked in.

Get high quality customer service

Southwest Airlines has one of the most efficient customer service anywhere. You can call by phone anywhere around the world collect or you may use your mobile devices to manage your account information. There is so much you can do with Southwest Airlines Credit Card and their customer service will help you enjoy your card anywhere you want to go.

Take advantage of a Southwest Airlines card today. You may avail of Southwest Airlines new member offer of free 50,000 points for 2 round trip flights (terms and conditions of this offer applies). Apply for a credit card today and get to live the lifestyle that you can only dream of with your Southwest Airlines VISA credit card.



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What are Southwest Airlines Promo Codes?

Do you love to travel but hate to spend so much? There is a solution for your dilemma; you may use Southwest Airlines promo codes to get you to where you want to go. Promo codes from Southwest Airlines are one of the best coupon codes online. These provide you with massive discounts on hotel stays, car rentals, discounts from shopping boutiques and so much more.

Just like shopping codes, Southwest Airlines promo codes may be readily used anytime you wish to travel. You can easily find coupon codes online and click on the codes to redeem. However, remember that codes expire and have rules regarding its use. Promo codes also differ each season and some codes may be applicable only through online transactions. Here are some of the hottest Southwest Airlines promo codes you may use:


  • $120 off coupon for Sheraton Hotel – This coupon is for Southwest Airline members who would like travel and stay in a Sheraton Hotel. You get $120 off on your stay. Simply use promo code CONNECT120 to redeem your code. This promo is valid up to August 12, 2013.
  • $300 off on Norwegian Cruise Onboard Credit – This coupon is available online that entitles you to $300 in onboard credit when you travel via Norwegian Cruises. This is perfect for planning the best vacation or honeymoon trip.
  • Save Up to 30% on car rentals – Hertz partners with Southwest Airlines for the most affordable car rental service when you travel in the US, Puerto Rico and in Canada. You will also earn up to 2,400 points when you rent a Hertz car for 7+ days. Check Hertz official site for details or go to Southwest Airlines site for more details about the offer.
  • Up to 5% off on Southwest Gift Cards – wondering what’s the perfect gift for the weary traveller? Southwest Airlines gift cards are your answer. You need to hurry and check out this offer at since it expires August 31, 2013.
  • Military Discount offers – active military servicemen are eligible to receive discounted airfare on selected flights. Be sure to visit Southwest or inquire via phone for booking your flights since different flights have varying discount offers and pricing. You also need to hurry since this offer is limited and will expire on August 31, 2013.
  • Senior Citizen discount – Seniors will never feel left out with this amazing offer. Discounts are available for passengers age 65 and above. A variety of discount offers and pricing are available so please call Southwest Airlines directly to inquire. This offer expires on August 31, 2013.
  • Rapid Rewards Points for Discounted Prices – this is a new offer for new members. You get amazing rewards points for free when you book flights as soon as you become a member. This offer expires on September 30, 2013 so hurry.
  • Save 30% off on AVIS rental cars – you don’t have to spend a lot on car rentals when you go on a vacation or business trip. Now you can ride in style with an AVIS rental car and even earn up to 2,400 points!



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Southwest Rapid Rewards

How to Get Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

Usually, the best way to get free flights on any airlines is to achieve the best travel entry over the additional points of program like the Southwest Rapid Rewards. In Southwest Airlines which is among the companies that offer frequent flyer programs, their passengers should accumulate a total of 16 points so that they will be granted with free flights. Southwest Airlines is also engaged in offering other great deals like Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code and Southwest Ding.

Almost all people are already aware that they could get Southwest Rapid Rewards points when they book their flights at Southwest Airlines. To get points, you should sign up for the “Southwest Rapid Rewards” program. Signing up is completely free of charge and when you purchase tickets for Southwest reservations, you would be provided points for the qualified flight.


A great way to make and earn more points would be making a comparison of the cost variance when you travel over a destination which requires the passengers to stop. When you found out that the cost is comparable, you will be given the chance to earn points twice. However, this strategy will only work when you do not have a baggage to check. Besides, there are other ways on how you will be able to earn points and these strategies are the following:

Other Legitimate Ways to Earn Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

  • Credit Card Use

The easiest way to get free flights would be sign up for a credit card for Southwest Airlines. Using this card, you will be asked to pay the annual fee but in the end, you will earn 1 point for each $1,200 you spent. Therefore, if you will spend 19,200, you will get free flight to any destination where Southwest Airlines lands to. You can also visit the official website of the company to know if they accept other credit cards.

  • Car Rentals

By renting a car from any of the authorized Southwest Airlines partner, you will also get a chance to earn points. There are certain car rental companies where you should rent a car. It will be good if you will make an online search for these travel car rental companies or you may visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.


  • Hotel Accommodations                      

When you stay at any of the partner hotels of Southwest Airlines, you would also have the chance to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards. All you need to do is to look for the partner hotels or you may also visit the website of Southwest Airlines.

  • Daily Purchases

When you join the rewards program offered by Southwest Airlines, you could also earn points once you dine at any participating restaurants. Always remember that when using any of these services where you can get points, you will be asked to provide the information of the points you earned. You will also need to decide and the best means to do it is to compare the point’s value for every program. Generally, renting a car from any of the partners of Southwest Airlines will give you more points. When you book at any classic brand hotel, you may need to choose whether you like to get the points for the hotel or if you want the Southwest Rapid Rewards.



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