How to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles without Flying?

I always love to win a free trip to anywhere around the globe as it arouses a feeling of excitement through me about exploring the world. Winning free miles can be a mood enhancer for anyone who finds travelling as a fun activity. But, earning these free miles does not mean I have to travel excessively throughout the year as there is another quite simple way of winning them. So, do not worry if you want to win some extra points for travelling and do not travel that much as you just have to have an airline credit card and these special favors comes to you automatically just by using them.

Earn Frequent Flyer Miles
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How to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles

Guidelines to Remember for Winning Additional Points

I always thought of these rules and instructions for winning free trips or shopping coupons like other online cons that are meant to take your money from your pockets by false means. But, when I actually followed the path I learned what kind of pleasure fills you up once you start winning something like this. So, follow some of my tips and enjoy yourself at several thousand feet height without paying for it!

  • Choose a credit card that has some associated airlines offering exciting bonuses to their valued customers.
  • Shop with your handy credit card and win extra points on each dollar you spent! Isn’t that phenomenal? Well you can have it just by buying your stuff from your credit card.
  • These credit card linked airlines offer you amazing bonuses and rewards especially in the first year of your usage. These rewards include awesome trips to the destinations you prefer having the extra mileage capacity of about 20000 miles or even more!
  • I always welcome the waiver of annual charges for using credit cards for multiple purchases for their customers who have used them for a year. This encouragement policy opted by the companies are always refreshing and a helps in forming a strong trust bond with their respected customers.
  • After doing some good number of purchases from your credit card you are all ready to enter into the rewards giving mechanism. You just have to register your credit card number or your frequent flyer number with this reward scheme and you are all set to go! This participation will never leave you empty handed and you will find yourself winning something on and off.


So, just give it a shot as it does not cost you any extra penny and you can check out the winning bonus scheme easily.

Multiple Rewards given on using your Credit Card

You can have a luxurious night stay at a fancy hotel or you can win an amazing shopping discount with a famous brand just by using your credit card. Additionally, you can also be given free rent a car offers or some extra miles to travel to a beautiful place. So, do think about these offers and try by registering yourself with the bonus network.

I personally recommend you to check all these amazing deals by signing up instead of relying on others suggestions and delaying the fun activity. Once you will enter into this entertaining realm you will realize by yourself that what fun you have been missing!



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