Where To Find Last Minute Travel Deals

Sometimes you can’t plan your vacation in advance because you’re waiting on certain circumstances, or maybe you found a few extra days for vacation on short notice and now you want to book a last minute holiday, or perhaps you just need a weekend getaway for change of scenery. Regardless of why you are planning last minute you shouldn’t have to pay extra just because you didn’t have the luxury of time. Below you will find tips, recommendations, and helpful websites to plan your last minute getaway.


Tips For Last Minute Travel Planning

Last Minute Travel Deals
Last Minute Travel Deals – Big Saving For You

One great thing to do is sign up for emails from travel websites. Most websites allow you to customize the newsletters and exclusive deals you receive so that your inbox isn’t flooded with junk. This is a great way to learn about travel packages, prices, dates, etc. and when you’re ready for your last minute planning you will be well researched and know where and how to book your vacation.

Priceline’s name your price is perfect for last minute travel deals. Some of the biggest complaints about name your price is its demand of flexibility but for last minute travelers – that is typically not a problem. Priceline will allow you to secure flights on exact dates, with exact airports of your choice, but you have to let them take care of everything else if you want to get a good deal on short notice.


It has been researched and determined that Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly followed by Tuesday and Saturday. With that knowledge, when you are planning your trip try to make it a Wednesday through Saturday vacation. However, if you can’t be flexible with dates, then be flexible with destination to get the best price.


Don’t forget to look at surrounding airports. Bigger airports mean more competition, which means lower prices. Therefore, if you can fly out of a bigger cities airport rather than a smaller airport closer by, you can potentially save hundreds. Of course don’t forget to calculate time, gas, etc. to make sure it’s worth the savings.


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Travel Deals

Recommended Websites

Lastminutetravel.com – This website is owned by Travel Holdings Inc. and is a premier online website for providing last minute travel options. The biggest bargain available on the site is its portfolio of 16,000 and hotels in 2,500 major cities worldwide. You can easily find coupons and promos for vacations to apply at checkout, book packages, and plan your own vacation details by utilizing their sales.

Lastminute.com – Whether it’s planning an exotic escape to the Caribbean or jetting off to Las Vegas, lastminute.com has it all and at great value prices. Another great thing about this site is its “last second deals” for travel over the upcoming week or two. It is important to note that these deals target weekend travelers therefore departures and are only available between Wednesday and Saturday. On top of booking your flight and hotel, you can book spa trips, theatre shows, search restaurants, and much more.

TravelZoo.com – This global Internet Company is a trusted publisher of all things travel related. They have a team of “deal experts” located all around the world to research, evaluate, and test deals to find the true value. With over 26 million subscribers, they are the largest publisher of deals on the Internet, which speaks volumes for their credibility when searching for a great last minute deal.

Hipmunk.com – Hipmunk offers great deals, but is what sets them apart is their painless search options. Flight results are presented in a visual timeline that allows people to select the best flight quickly. Hotel results are shown on a map so that you don’t have to keep searching a map after you find a hotel.

Getinvisiblehand.com – This is a browser add-on that notifies you if the flight you are shopping for is available more cheaply from another travel site. The notification provides a convenient link to sent you straight to the competitor’s page. It can help guarantee you are getting the best deal for your vacation.

Selloffvacations.com – In partnership with the company that created the first all-inclusive vacations, ‘Jack Tar Village’, this site knows vacation packages. They offer some of the best Last Minute Travel Deals on hotels, flights, car rentals, and more. There is a great selection of vacation packages to great destinations and you can grab them at incredible prices.


Last minute travel is more affordable than ever with big competition, an abundant of many to search, and the benefits of technology to notify us of every deal. The most important thing to remember is to be flexible and open-minded with your travel dates and location. Also, don’t forget to be check different sites taxes and fees as they vary quite drastically from each other. Whenever you are feeling spontaneous and want to plan a last-minute vacation, we hope you will remember these tips and websites to help you save and make your trip as enjoyable as possible.



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