Using a Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code is a Beneficial Activity

Because all travelers are interested in saving money, most airlines offer promo codes to consumers who fly on a frequent basis. However, some plans of this type provide advantages that outshine those associated with their competitors’ programs. An example of a highly beneficial plan of which many frequent fliers take advantage is the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program. There are many benefits associated with this plan, including the Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code that is offered to new members. When this code is used, travelers are awarded 250 points upon opening their new account. In addition, if they sign up for the Rapid Rewards newsletter, the new account will receive another 250 points. Perks such as these draw members from all around the world. Below are some essential facts about such memberships and how the benefits they offer can be maximized:

A Basic Overview of the Rapid Rewards Program

Points accumulated through a Rapid Rewards membership can be redeemed for domestic or international flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals and dining. Members will never waste money on travel related purchases, as points are accumulated for the latter on a regular basis. In addition, there are no blackout dates, meaning that points can be redeemed for flights at any time of the year.

Enrollment Made Easy

Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code
Earn Up To 750 Points – Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code

Prospective members who plan to use a Rapid Rewards enrollment promotion code will be pleased to know that sign-up is quick and easy. The simplest way to acquire a membership is to visit Southwest Airline’s website. After clicking on the Rapid Rewards section of the site, all one must do is scroll to the top of the page and click on Rapid Rewards. A drop down menu will appear, and the prospective member should simply click the enrollment tab. Members will find that the process is convenient and straightforward, with prompts to walk each new enrollee through the membership form. After entering the necessary information, a number will appear on the screen, which is the member’s permanent account number.

Understanding How Points are Accumulated

Points are earned based on the cost of each ticket. If the member has a promotional code to use for a specific purchase, the points accumulated will be based on the amount of the fare after the discount. The point value assigned to book flights varies from one transaction to the next, depending on the type of fare selected. For example, Business Select Fares earn twelve points for every dollar spent, while Wanna Get Away and Anytime fares earn six and ten points, respectively. Points can also be earned on electronic revenue tickets. A handy tool called the Destination Finder is available on the Rapid Rewards website and can be used to determine the estimated number of points needed to purchase a reward flight.

Members traveling on a Southwest Airlines vacation package will also accrue points based on the latter’s total cost. Points are typically posted to the member’s account approximately three to four weeks following their last trip. In most cases, points are accumulated based on the advertised fare of the ticket purchased minus taxes and the 911 $10 security fees that must be paid by all travelers flying in or out of the United States.

In order to ensure that the appropriate numbers of points are added to one’s account, it is important for members to enter their account number upon booking a reservation. Alternatively, the account number can be presented at the airport when the individual checks in for his or her flight. This is essential, as members who neglect to follow one of the two steps listed above may risk losing points to which they are entitled.

Using Points for Flights and Travel Services

As one would suspect, the number of points required to book a Reward flight depends on the cost of the fare.  Similar to all fares, reward pricing varies based on the location to which one plans to travel, fare class, flight time, and points redemption rate. Depending on one’s individual preferences for the flight, other factors may affect the point total. After one has signed up for a membership with a Rapid Rewards enrollment promotion code, he or she can immediately book flights. Points can also be used to rent a car, book a hotel room, or dine in a restaurant. In addition, Rapid Rewards points can also be used to make reservations for another individual. One must simply visit the website with the appropriate information for the person who will be using the points, and book the reward travel in his or her name.

Additional Benefits of a Rapid Rewards Membership

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card members are eligible for additional benefits through the More Rewards program. This means that they can redeem their points for tickets to events, international cruises, and even gift cards for other frequent fliers.

Achieving A-List Status With Rapid Rewards Enrollment

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards members can also qualify for something referred to as “A-List status.” To do so, one must purchase 25 Southwest Airlines one-way tickets or earn 35,000 points in a single calendar year. One may also eventually qualify for A-List Preferred status, which requires members to have purchased a minimum of 50 Southwest Airlines flights or earn 70,000 in one calendar year. Members find A-List status appealing, as it is associated with additional benefits. For example, A-List members accumulate 25 percent more points than basic members for each ticket purchased, and A-List Preferred Members earn twice as many points for each fare purchased than those who hold basic memberships.

Additional Considerations

Because sign-up is simple and easy, and a Rapid Rewards Promotion Code is available to new members, the time has never been better to join this cost effective program. Regardless of one’s objectives with regard to travel, no frequent flier should forfeit the advantages of a Rapid Rewards membership. Therefore, those who travel on a regular basis should visit the Southwest Airlines website and become a member before booking their next trip.

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