Southwest Airlines Promo Code Introduction

If you travel a lot either for work or leisure, chances are, your airfare is causing a big dent to your budget. By getting a Southwest Airlines promo code however, you’d be saving lots of money in no time.

Southwest promo codes are designed for the frequent traveler. You can get unlimited reward seats, free flights, and can even earn points by doing what you usually do when you travel. This includes dining, staying in a hotel, or renting car.


Whenever you fly with Southwest or AirTran, you can earn points in their Rapid Rewards program. You earn points for every dollar you spend on your airfare and these points do not expire!

Southwest Airlines Promo Code
Get A Roundtrip Flight

Since this rewards program is designed for those who travel from one destination to the next on a regular basis, one has to have activity at least once every two years to ensure that the points are retained. If you travel a lot, this should not be a problem at all and you’d get to earn points every time you fly with Southwest or AirTran.

One good reason why you should join the program is there are no blackout dates. This means nothing can stop you from flying to a popular destination whenever you want to. This in fact, is reason enough for many frequent travelers to join the program because it is often difficult to get seats for certain destinations on certain dates.

Car Rental, Hotel, Ground Transportation

You can get the most out of your money and your travels when you join Southwest’s and AirTran’s Rapid Rewards program. It’s easy to earn 600 rewards points when you stay in a Rapid Rewards hotel. Among Southwest’s and AirTran’s partner hotels include Wyndham, Marriott, La Quinta Inns & Suites, SPG, Hyatt, Carlson Rezidor, Best Western and many more.

If you always rent a car whenever you go to a certain place in the country, you will earn points too by renting your ride from one of Southwest’s car rental partners. Alamo, Avis, and Hertz are just a few of these places. Once you have rented a car from qualifying partners, you’d immediately get 600 points in your Southwest rewards account.

For those who do not like driving but usually get one-way or roundtrip ground transport whenever they have reached their destination, getting points is possible too. If you ride a SuperShuttle or an ExecuCar in your U.S. destinations, you will get 150 points for a one-way trip and 300 points for roundtrip.

Shopping and Dining

If you love shopping online, you will definitely love Rapid Rewards because for every dollar you spend in places like,, and other online storefronts, you will get a certain number of points. If you spend a lot of money in these places, why not take advantage of the rewards you can get when you are a Rapid Rewards member?

For those who love buying flowers at can get Rapid Rewards points too. If you spend $29.99 or more for a flower arrangement from the popular brand, you’d get to earn 1, 000 points. All you’d have to do is to use your Southwest Airlines promo code and your account number every time you make a purchase.

There are also a number of participating clubs, bars, and restaurants that can help you earn points.

Buy, Transfer Points

With Southwest and AirTran, it’s easy for you to transfer your points to another member or to buy those extra points if you are just a few points shy of a free flight. This makes this rewards program one of the best because it gives you the flexibility to get rewards and to share your rewards as well.

Redeeming Points

Your points are as good as cash. You can use them to fly to international destinations, and even use them for your hotel stay and your car rental. Southwest has made it easier for members to redeem these points as well.

To redeem your points, you would need to sign into your Rapid Rewards account, book a flight and show the fares in terms of points. When done, all you need to do next is to click the “Redeem Now” button.

Why You Should Sign Up

If you are already spending a lot of money on your hotel stays and your flights whenever you travel, joining Southwest’s rewards program is a great idea. When you redeem your points, you can either use them for your next flight or for other rewards. Other rewards include getting gift cards from popular brands the likes of Best Buy, Lowes, iTunes, and There are also rewards like cruises, wine tastings, and spa packages. This rewards program is not only a great way to save money on future flights but also a wonderful way to experience something new.

Southwest and AirTran has flights in over 95 destinations in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


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