Southwest Rapid Rewards

Airfare can be quite expensive. For frequent travelers, this can surely cause a dent in the budget but what if you can earn points for your flights? Joining Rapid Rewards is a great idea for frequent flyers because you get to enjoy a number of things including unlimited reward seats, and all-in tickets. The points with Southwest’s Rapid Rewards do not expire either so it’s unlike other rewards programs out there.

You can use your points to fly to more than 95 destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico that AirTran Airways and Southwest Airlines serve.


Southwest’s offer is valid only to new members of the website If you opt in, you should be subscribed for three months before the 500 bonus points are deposited into your Southwest account.

If you fly from one U.S. city to the next, joining this program is definitely a great idea. One must note though that while Rapid Rewards do not expire, there is a need for you to fly at least every 24 months.


About Southwest

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

Forty three years ago, before Southwest’s maiden flight, only very few Americans have been on a plane or flown on one. Today, over 85 percent frequently fly from one destination to the next.


The low costs of Southwest flights made it possible for many Americans to travel. The affordable flights offered by Southwest later democratized the skies. Low fares however do not translate to low quality service. Southwest and AirTran Airways have a good reputation not only in terms of prices but in terms of safety and service as well.



Why Join Rapid Rewards

AirTrans’ and Southwest’s Rapid Rewards is an award-winning program aimed for frequent flyers. The rewards program allows frequent Southwest and AirTrans passengers to earn reward flights the easiest and the fastest way possible.

Frequent flyer programs are quite useful if you travel a lot because it helps you save a lot of money. You should keep in mind though that not all frequent flyer programs are equal. This is the reason why it is important to read the fine print first before you start collecting points.

Rapid Rewards has gotten rave reviews since its inception and it continues to be of service to frequent flyers today.

Point System Basics

One of the best things about Rapid Rewards is that you can earn six points for every dollar you spend. This can be used for the airlines’ affordable tickets. Alternatively, you can also earn ten points for every dollar for tickets you can use anytime of the year. For those who like traveling with free internet access and drinks, you can earn 12 points for every dollar as well.

Amazing Rewards

Through this rewards program, you can get roundtrip tickets or get long distance or last minute flights. Another great thing about it is whether you’re flying or dining in a restaurant when you’ve touched down, you still earn points.

Southwest Credit Card Points

Purchasing from Southwest’s partners also means more rewards for you. One way to earn points faster is to get the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card. You can also opt for a Plus Credit Card or a Premier Business Card.

Points For Your Hotel Stay

When you travel to a certain destination for a few days, you’d have to spend money on your hotel stay as well. It’s a good thing Southwest has thought the rewards program through because you can also earn points by staying with hotel partners for the for the airline’s rewards program.

Points For Renting A Car

If you frequently rent a car during those family trips or business trips, you can earn points too by renting a vehicle from qualifying rental services. All you need to do is take a look at the partners of Southwest and AirTrans to take advantage of this deal.

Points For Ground Transportation

You can earn 150 points every time you use ground transportation with SuperShuttle and ExecuCar. Whether you need transportation from your hotel to the airport or vice versa, you will earn 150 points each time. For roundtrip, you get 300 points.

Rewards As Incentives For Employees And Customers

Southwest Rapid Rewards is not just for individuals though, companies can also join the rewards program as an incentive for their employees and their customers or clients.

Buy Points

If you can’t wait to earn points or just a few points shy of a great deal, you also have the option to buy points. If you’re feeling generous, you can transfer your points to another member. You can use this for gifting friends and family.

Sign Up Today!

Flying from one destination to the next is now more rewarding with Southwest Rapid Rewards. Cut down your expenses by signing up at and you will get 500 bonus points upon sign up.



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